Proud to Be a Memphian #MLK50

Today is a huge day for the city of Memphis. I am with my 96-year-old grandmother in Jackson, but she was living in Memphis on this day 50 years ago. She recalls being at the laundromat the moment Dr. King was shot and killed. She talks about the progress we’ve made, and how things have also sadly gone backwards too.


Dr. King was the same age I’ll be next month when his life was taken, 39. But he had already done so much. His dream was put forth, and it’s up to all of us to continue to fight to make his dream a reality.

Memphis, like a lot of cities and our entire country, has a lot of work to do. But I do not join those who bash the city instead of working to build it. I am a Memphian by choice, and I am proud of how we are honoring Dr. King and his legacy for #mlk50.

The question for us collectively and individually is, “Where Do We Go From Here?”

So NOW what?


About Summer Owens

I'm a person who has experienced high highs and low lows which have helped me relate to lots of people. I have overcome a lot of challenges and now live my life to help others do the same. As a life coach, author, and college professor of a life skills course that I was asked to create, I spend every day living life, observing life, and teaching life and how to live your best one.
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