7 Steps to Help You Stop Sleeping on Your Dreams

As we prepare to head into 2018, people all over the world will be making New Years resolutions. You know, the things we probably wanted to happen this year and vow we’ll make happen next year. And hopefully we all will.

When I scroll through social media or just observe and listen to people around me, I see and hear the things people say they want. The dreams they have for their lives. Then I see posts like, “I’m bored,” or posts with other activities that seem contrary to that dream. I see people, in my opinion, wasting time or making excuses. And often I see people going to sleep- literally and figuratively- instead of working to make their dreams come true.

The one question I get asked the most is, “How did you do it?” (see my full answer in the video below). The short answer is I don’t sleep on my dreams. Because, first of all, I believe in myself and that dreams can come true, I allow my dreams drive me. I want others to be driven by their dreams too and make them come true in 2018.

Here are 7 steps to help you to stop sleeping on your dreams and start to make them reality:

1. Wake up. Whether you’re someone who sleeps in late or takes long naps in the middle of the day, if you’re not working late at night or all day, taking night classes, or maybe taking care of small children (or all of these at the same time), then why are you in the bed? If you’re resting from working or studying and pushing towards something meaningful to you, that’s one thing. But if you’re resting from working a couple of hours, then get up and get to work on your dreams or just admit you want your dreams to stay just that- dreams.

2. Evaluate your dreams. Are your dreams something you really want or just something that would be cool to have. This is important to ask yourself because the value you place on your dream will determine the value of the dream and your motivation to actually make it happen. If you don’t REALLY want it, you aren’t REALLY going to make it happen. Consider starting with the dream that is most important to you.

3. Turn your dream into a SMART goal. Dreams are simply goals, usually our really big goals. Write down your goal, and make it SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timebound). Don’t just say, for example, “I’m going to get my degree.” Where? When? How? What kind? And even Why?

4. Create a plan. Next you’ll want to sit down and write down a plan to make the dream come true. Think about every step you’ll need to take and what you’ll need. Do you need to figure out how you’ll get or manage certain things to achieve the goal or a step in the plan? Maybe it’s Time, Money, Connections, Education or Training that you need. The more detailed you make this, the more likely it will be to accomplish the goal.

5. Identify your resources. Now that you’ve created a plan and identified what you need, think about everything and everyone you know who can help you or help you figure out or connect to who else can help you achieve the goal. Before you even ask others to help you though, help yourself. Do some research on your own and show the person you’re asking for help that you are serious, you know what you’re talking about, and won’t waste their time if they help you.

6. Get to work. You’ve laid out the plan and identified resources who may have helped you adjust the plan. Now take the first step. Stop wasting time. Do something. Even if it’s a small start, just start and keep going.

7. Now go to sleep. We all get tired sometimes when we’re working, but be tired because you’re working towards your dreams. After you’ve laid out the plan put in the work, then get some rest. Go to sleep then get back up and get back to work.

What will you do differently in 2018 to make your dreams come true?

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About Summer Owens

I'm a person who has experienced high highs and low lows which have helped me relate to lots of people. I have overcome a lot of challenges and now live my life to help others do the same. As a life coach, author, and college professor of a life skills course that I was asked to create, I spend every day living life, observing life, and teaching life and how to live your best one.
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3 Responses to 7 Steps to Help You Stop Sleeping on Your Dreams

  1. L. Freeman says:

    This was for Me! Thank you for providing CONFIRMATION!

  2. Cynthia says:

    As usual, Summer, you make a great argument about how to be true to God and yourself. It is ultimately the only thing that matters in this life. That’s why God put us here.
    Warm regards for 2018,

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