2 Weeks Left and 2 Tips to Make the Most of Them

November was probably the saddest month of my life but also the most motivating.
My last post was about all of the sudden deaths too close to me. Then yesterday another close acquaintance passed away suddenly. Heart attack, and he was in his early 40’s. A day before his annual birthday party which is a fundraiser for different charities.
For the last two weeks, I have been suffering from a sinus infection that has made me down, but every time I start to feel sorry for myself I think about the growing list of people who I’ve lost. Even with me feeling bad, I feel motivated to get stuff done. Meet my goals. Because I’M STILL HERE.
Which means I still have time. So do you.
But one thing that I have been reminded of in these last two month is that we have no idea how much time we have. So that means we don’t have any time to waste.
With two weeks left in 2017, we can still check things off our lists. Even if I don’t accomplish everything I set out to do this year, it won’t be because I didn’t try or give it my all even in the last two weeks.


2 Quick Tips to Make the Most of these Last 2 WEEKS
  1. Revisit the goals you set for 2017. Think back to January 1st when you said you were going to lose 20 pounds, go back to school, buy a house, or whatever you said or even just thought you wanted to accomplish.  You’ve maybe been living month to month just doing what you need to do to get by. Take this opportunity to think about what you really wanted to get done this year then….
  2. Focus on 1 of those goals. Which goal was the most important goal? Which one have you made some progress on? Which one constantly hurts you because you haven’t accomplished it, or which one could have the biggest impact on your life? Choose that one and get to work making it happen. Sit down and write out a plan to get as far as you possibly can on that goal before the year is up. Then get back on it on January 1st! But make some progress…now.

You still have time! Your 2018 self will thank you!

And if you need help finding the confidence to make it happen, check out my online Confidence Class which has helped others meet their goals. 2018 is the year to Conquer Your Fears. Follow Your Dreams. Get What You Deserve.

I’d love to help you!


About Summer Owens

I'm a person who has experienced high highs and low lows which have helped me relate to lots of people. I have overcome a lot of challenges and now live my life to help others do the same. As a life coach, author, and college professor of a life skills course that I was asked to create, I spend every day living life, observing life, and teaching life and how to live your best one.
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