Summer School- Class 5: Unhide and Go Seek

Three weeks ago, I started a short series with a few tips to help us make the most of our summer “break”. This summer, this Summer  will hold Summer School with a focus on using this season to keep moving forward.

The other day was Life check: Are you living your dreams or just living? Are you dwelling on what happened or what didn’t happen for you? Life is too short to just exist or to stay stuck on that messed up or unfair thing that’s holding you back. There are too many options and opportunities available to you.

Today is…

Unhide and Go Seek: Find Time and Get Money. Evaluate and eliminate your time wasters so that you can use that time to work on activities to get you ahead. I’m not a money chaser and don’t believe it is the key to happiness, but I do know that it is necessary and that you can get more of it to do more with it especially for others.

Summer Owens Confidence Class-Waitlist

If you’ve started The Purge, then you’re probably already seeing that you have more time and maybe even more money too. Keep looking at your life and evaluate where you can find more time. How much time do you spend watching TV or binge watching Netflix? Do you fall into the social media hole and find yourself scrolling and watching what’s going on in other people’s lives rather than making things happen in your own.

As you are looking at your life for more time, you’ll likely discover ways to make more dimes too. First, look at the money you can save. What can you cut out? Do you really need cable? Are you using that gym membership? Now, what can you do to make some money? Perhaps your purge also included stuff. The summer is a great time to have a yard sale or post items online to sell. It’s also a great time to explore your interests and see how you can turn them into profits.

Where can you find or create more time and money in your schedule and your life?


About Summer Owens

I'm a person who has experienced high highs and low lows which have helped me relate to lots of people. I have overcome a lot of challenges and now live my life to help others do the same. As a life coach, author, and college professor of a life skills course that I was asked to create, I spend every day living life, observing life, and teaching life and how to live your best one.
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