I’m Really Proud of This

As I begin to prepare for new and exciting opportunities coming in 2016, I get overwhelmed with gratefulness and excitement.

The past five years have been truly amazing.

I always remind you that I have had some tremendous trials (I’ll share them in  my next book), but I have been tremendously blessed. I don’t take a single blessing for granted.

One of the best parts about this journey is my ability to help others simply by sharing words of encouragement. Words and feelings I know because of my challenges. So I’m thankful for my challenges!

I just pray for more opportunities to spread the S.O. What! message of overcoming obstacles and eliminating excuses. I hope you’ll help me to let others know about my story and how excited I am to share it.

And, most importantly, it helps those who hear it!

Check out my new media kit, and I will be ever so appreciative if you’d share it too!

2016 Summer Owens Media Kit

cover 2016 Summer Owens Media Kit

Have a great week!


About Summer Owens

When I started writing my first book, Life After Birth: A Memoir of Survival and Success as a Teenage Mother, I just wanted to tell my story. Today, I am a best-selling author, inspirational speaker, life coach, and college professor with own course that I created. Everything I do about helping people have success over obstacles and live their best lives no matter what. This blog is dedicated to sharing and expounding upon the lessons I learned and share in my book and that we all can use to say, "S.O. What!" to all the challenges life will throw our way...every day.
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