Day 4 of 6 Days and 6 Awesome Events. Memphis Grizzlies Tip-off Luncheon.


I had been to the National Civil Rights Freedom Awards, A Pink Affair, and the Elite Eleven Awards ceremony for the US Olympic Women’s Boxing Trials when I got a call on Monday morning from my friend, Naomi, asking me to join her at the Memphis Grizzlies Tip-off Luncheon.

Of course I was game.

Here’s Naomi and I with Zach Randolph! He really is a great guy and a great player.

naomi and summerzbo

I had not attended the tip-off luncheon in years, but I participated in and even helped with tip-off luncheon every year that I worked for the Memphis Grizzlies…starting all the way back to 2001, the team’s first season in Memphis. 12042985_10153189679352197_7414155899367271580_n

It felt a little strange not personally knowing any of the players like I had for the first years of my career, but it also felt great being able to sit and enjoy the event with no responsibility for it! Even though I didn’t know the players or coaches, a few of my friends were still working with the team. It was great to see them. It was great to be at the arena. The same arena where I led hard hat tours and participated in the groundbreaking ceremony for years ago.

elliott perry potter

At it was great to hear the story of the young man below who is a St. Jude patient. St. Jude received donations from the tip-off luncheon and auctions and has been a long-time partner of the team with players, ours and the opponents, visiting the hospital and spending time with the precious children. This young man was funny and so well-spoken, and I was beyond impressed with this young survivor!


Another great event. Another reminder of how blessed I am and how everything comes full circle.

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Tuesday-Women’s Foundation of Greater Memphis Power of the Purse Auction                     Wednesday-US Olympics Women’s Boxing Trials


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