Who Sees You?

University of Memphis jumbotron

Growing up, I had so many insecurities. I didn’t have enough hair for ponytails so people called me a boy. I had big teeth and sucked my thumb so people called me a rabbit. I was skinny so people called me stick. I went through puberty and gained weight so people called me fat. I got acne and had stretch marks so people commented on that too.

Although it was negative, one thing was true…people saw me. People were watching me. Always. And guess what, people are watching you too. Maybe they have something mean to say or possibly something nice. Maybe nothing at all. But the reality is, people see you and everything you do.

I learned early on that I had an audience. That people were watching me so I decided to give them something worth seeing. Something encouraging, something inspiring and hopefully something that would make them want to be their personal best as they saw me trying to be my best.

Last November, I was honored with the Outstanding Young Alumna award at the University of Memphis. A video was created highlighting why I was selected. This video, pictured in this post, is shown at every basketball and football game this school year.

Am I depicted as perfect? No, and never want to be because that is nowhere near the truth. The video shows me as a young, college single mom doing my best to be a great student making a difference in my life, my son’s life, and my school.

Now, God has blessed me and made it possible for SO many people to see me. Will some people talk badly about me? Sure, but I’m used to that. Will some people be inspired and encouraged? I sure hope so…and I really do think so.



About Summer Owens

When I started writing my first book, Life After Birth: A Memoir of Survival and Success as a Teenage Mother, I just wanted to tell my story. Today, I am a best-selling author, inspirational speaker, life coach, and college professor with own course that I created. Everything I do about helping people have success over obstacles and live their best lives no matter what. This blog is dedicated to sharing and expounding upon the lessons I learned and share in my book and that we all can use to say, "S.O. What!" to all the challenges life will throw our way...every day.
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3 Responses to Who Sees You?

  1. Dear Summer,
    I am so very proud of you, my friend!
    Love to hear from you when you get a minute ok?
    Rev. Stevie Craft

  2. P says:

    Very inspiring!

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