I’m transferring my blog over to WordPress and moving over my old posts… check this out from 12/22/10


I made some mistakes three years ago and inadvertently hurt someone I love dearly.  The next few years were filled with them covering their hurt by ignoring me and a series of dangerous activities every one of which hurt me back…but the ignoring hurt me more.  As I go on TV and smile for the camera, as I stand in front of audiences and promote my book, my heart cries…and nobody knows…


About Summer Owens

I'm a person who has experienced high highs and low lows which have helped me relate to lots of people. I have overcome a lot of challenges and now live my life to help others do the same. As a life coach, author, and college professor of a life skills course that I was asked to create, I spend every day living life, observing life, and teaching life and how to live your best one.
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